Topamax Or Metformin Better For Weight Loss

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  1. George Gonzalez

    selling out Casino's all the time.
    Are they, or are those comped?

  2. Daniel Evans

    Jesus Horatio Christ

  3. Donald

    How do you think I felt?!? I didn't feel safe at my house for like a week.

  4. Karen Gonzalez


  5. Karen

    I do lots of shooting outdoors and I built myself a target stand with some PVC and baling wire. Best I've spent on shooting supplies.

  6. Linda Harris

    A joke that was once funny but has since been beaten into the ground.

  7. Maria Wright

    Yes we are allowed. You can carry a sub 3 inch non locking folding knife without an excuse and anything else with a valid reason in the UK. Although it is true, there are some right idiots.