Fruit Diet

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  1. Charles Carter

    We also get we wouldnt be starting 37 year old Garcia.

  2. Betty

    I wonder if a non-Powhatan Native American dressing as Pocahontas is cultural appropriation/ racism to these people. It isn't as if Native American tribes are monocultural. Or of one phenotype either, for that matter.

  3. William Campbell

    I'd offer that the only "operators" who do that haven't operated anywhere. Internet commandos and competitive shooters do indeed shoot like that (thanks Chris Costa), but ask a Marine or a SWAT officer about it, and they'll laugh you out of the room. In fact, much of what is taught to a Marine is entirely to the contrary. Marines tend to keep their arms more tucked for a couple of reasons: 1) It makes you a smaller target and 2) Extending your arm out that far for an extended period of time (like a firefight) can be exhausting. Is it wrong to 'drive the gun?' No. Is it really practical in a real world application? No.

  4. Patricia Gonzalez


  5. Barbara Harris

    My perspective on Endless Eight, on the other hand, is this.

  6. Lisa Baker

    He (Henandez) was working the shit out of the strike zone the ump was giving him, not a single K was inside.. I imagine things that were over the plate, but more on the inside were getting called balls

  7. Sharon Thomas