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  1. Richard Green

    His action led directly or indirectly to the deaths of tens of thousands, he used, manipulated, murdered, cheated and betrayed as long as it served his purpose. He only did what he did in the end once he had obtained his revenge, has understood the ultimate pointlessness of power and has more or less burn the bridges to his sister. He had lost his reason to live and wanted to give a farewell present to his beloved sister, I bet he didn't give a shit about the world itself.

  2. Barbara Thomas

    Stephen drew! Wish you were still on the dbacks

  3. Ronald Hill

    Actually, I'm fairly sure that's a kuudere, not a tsundere. The latter tend to be more violent or hot-headed, while the former are cold-hearted and apathetic initially.

  4. Maria Rodriguez

    Kill la kill is a show I extremely enjoy, but I know that I am not going to blindly ignore any problems it has, instead I try to make the best out of everything and enjoy what we get while also acknowledging its flaws.