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  1. Jeff Phillips


  2. Christopher Evans

    I do not like this blogger at all. I've never read more over reactive drivel written by a woman with an obvious superiority complex in all my life.

  3. Maria

    He might be, but it's a legitimate question - people like to bring up the existence of rare intersex conditions as if it's a trump card for "see, it could be biology" but (1) most (all?) of the people I've seen make that argument have definitely not been intersex, to the extent of having fathered biological children already, and (2) I never see people saying that they want to put people through these functional MRI or whatever it is and say "well, if you don't have part X larger than size Y, then you're not trans, case closed" either.

  4. Anthony Campbell


  5. Joseph Robinson

    [edited - I sucked at spelling and sentence composure.]

  6. Donna Campbell

    Point and click. Tap, Rack, Bang if needed.

  7. Kenneth Garcia

    /u/iatemysocks and /u/derp_lurk really have it covered. In certain circles, it is totally and completely okay to say, "Remember Meghan, y'know, brown hair, high cheekbones, a bit fat," when describing someone. In some, it's not.